As an employer, why do I need fire marshals?

Firstly, as a legal obligation under the regulatory reform order 2005, Businesses must conduct fire risk assessments & provide adequate, formal fire safety training to their workforce. Secondly, having your staff trained as competent fire marshals can give you, your employees, your property & your business the best chance of surviving a fire. In the time it takes for the fire service to arrive, fire marshals can act quickly to extinguish a small fire, prevent it growing uncontrollably & also aid in the evacuation of people from the building and away from danger.

How many fire marshals does my business need?

This will depend on the findings of your fire risk assessment, the number of employees you have, the size of the building, the type of work being undertaken etc. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of one person per level or per working area, office or section. Remember to factor in work rotas, sickness & absence to ensure there are sufficient fire marshals available in the workplace at any given time.

What facilities do you require to provide the training at our premises?

We will require the use of a suitably sized room for the number of learners attending the course with a chair for each learner and a standard plug socket/power supply for our laptop & projector. We will also require a small outdoor area/space for the learners to practice letting off fire extinguishers. No live burning will take place so this area doesn’t need to be larger than a couple of car parking spaces or a patch of grass & will have no risk of fire causing damage to your property. (NOTE: COVID19 – SOCIAL DISTANCING. Courses will be conducted in line with government guidance & in relation to social distancing it is the employers/businesses responsibility to provide training space that will allow employees undertaking training along with instructors to maintain social distancing)

How does your pricing structure work?

Our pricing structure is simple and up-front with no hidden costs or surprises. For a course with 1 – 6 Learners the total amount payable for the course is £245 & includes certificates. For a course with 7 – 14 learners the total amount payable is £335 & also includes certificates.

Why don’t you do “Live burn” training with real fire?

There are several reasons we don’t conduct “Live burn” training. Firstly, as an environmental consideration, we don’t want to burn anything when it’s not strictly necessary or beneficial to our learners. We provide full instruction, practical handling and use of extinguishers which will give our learners the knowledge, practice & skill to confidently use a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire. In Most cases, “Live burn” simulators burn gas & when a learner points the extinguisher towards the flame, the instructor turns the gas off and the flame goes out. In these cases, the learner isn’t actually extinguishing the fire, it is merely simulated & as a risk assessment, taking into account the environmental risks & physical risks associated with any “Real fire” training, we do not deem it overly beneficial or necessary to do this. All learners will still get hands on experience & get to use fire extinguishers as part of our training but they will be doing so safely & without harm to the environment.

What is the duration of the course?

The course is a half day / 4 hours duration.

What happens on the day?

Our instructor will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of the course & will set up the projector, laptop etc. in the training room provided by you. The course will take place over the duration of 4 hours. Short rest periods will be given to the learners periodically and as necessary throughout the training. If a lunch hour is incorporated into the course time period please add this to the total course duration. As part of the first 3 hours allocation of the course, a short walk round of your business premises will take place with the learners to identify escape routes, emergency lighting & firefighting media. During the last 1 hour phase of the course, learners will be taken outside for the practical demonstration & use/practice of using extinguishers before returning to the training room to conclude the training course, summarise the learning and discuss questions from the learners. There will be no Exam or summative assessment, learners will be continually assessed throughout the course.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have our own full liability insurance to cover us for the training we provide.

Do you work evenings & weekends?

Yes, I am available for any week day, weekend & time of day to suit you. Please see available dates on the booking request & select a preferred start time. Once the booking request has been submitted, we will contact you withing 24hrs (or one working day) to confirm the booking and answer any further questions you may have.

How & When do I pay? Do I need to pay up front?

No, there are no upfront costs. You can either pay now, pay on the day or you can pay once the training course has been completed. You can pay at any time through the "Make payment" option on the website menu or we can issue you with an invoice and kindly ask for payment to be made within 30 days after the training has taken place.

When will we receive the certificates for our fire marshals?

The certificates will be processed as soon as payment for the course has been made, Training aid UK will then forward the certificates & you will receive them within 14 days.

What happens when I submit the Booking request on the “Book now” page?

Once a booking request is submitted, a member of the team will contact you within 24hrs / 1 working day to confirm the details, answer any additional questions you may have& provide you with a pre course application/training contract form to be signed by a suitable person within your business. All terms and conditions will be on the form & the training will be considered to be confirmed & booked as soon as we receive this form back, signed.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations with more than 48hours notice will incur no cost/fee/charge & can be re arranged for a later date. Cancellations within 48hrs or where the instructor has arrived on site will incur a 50% of course cost. Only in EXTREME circumstances will Manchester fire marshals cancel a pre booked course. We have backup trainers on standby that are equally experienced and qualified who can attend to conduct the training (with your approval) should a situation arise in which our main instructor (Steve) is unable to attend such as sickness, accident, family emergency etc.

Why can’t we just do a cheap online course?

You can! And this MAY meet the minimum legal requirements but will your employees actually learn anything? Will they be competent and confident enough at the end of it to extinguish a fire or assist evacuations effectively to save life & save property (your business!). If you’d like a cheap course to “Tick the box” then of course, you can utilise a slightly cheaper alternative. If, however you’d like an experienced firefighter with qualifications in teaching to provide the best quality training and give your staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to act in the case of fire to ultimately save lives and save property…. Click the “Book now”. Why settle for second rate training with something so important? This is the ultimate safety of your employees & your business.

Are you still operating during Covid-19

Yes! A full Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been completed and appropriate steps are being taken to ensure your safety and that of the instructor. Appropriate PPE will be worn as and when required & social distancing will be maintained at all times. It is however the clients responsibility to provide a training room/space that is suitably sized to accommodate the amount of learners and for them to maintain the correct minimum distance from each other & from the instructor.

Which areas do you cover?

Primarily we cover the greater manchester area & its neighbouing areas. We are happy to travel to other areas of the UK but please contact us to discuss before booking.

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